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Ordering from Synseal

Ordering from Synseal Group is easy. Our secure online order system is open 24 hours a day and enables our customers to order all of their regular products in just a few clicks. You can also set up favourites, helping you to make regular ordering simple and speedy.

Order Bar Length online :

Order Masterdor doors online :

If you prefer to order products over the phone or via fax, our team will deal with your order quickly and efficiently so you receive your delivery as soon as possible. As we have an extensive product range, order cut-off times and contact details vary between products.



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Account Maintenance

Q    How do I reset my account password?
A    There is an option to change your password on your account. Simply select the Your Account option on the Customer Services toolbar. Your account and contact info will appear.  Enter and confirm your new password in the password change fields provided.

Q    How do I add a user to my online account?
A    All users would be able to have access to your online account by using the designated account password provided to you. More than one user can access the account at any one time.
Please note:- A default email address must be registered before the account is setup, to enable receipt of order confirmations.

Q    What do I need to do when an employee who uses the online ordering system leaves the business?
A    For privacy and security reasons it is essential that you inform Synseal immediately, when a person who knows your password leaves your organisation. Synseal will reset your password and inform you of your new password by your default email address provided.


Q    Can I add or change items to an order?
A    To add or change items to your order prior to Order Confirmation please call our dedicated Sales Order Processing Team on 01623 443200. Please ensure you have your account number to hand as this will ensure your order is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

Q    How do I cancel an order once placed?
A    To cancel an order placed prior to Order Confirmation you can call our dedicated Sales Order Processing Team on 01623 443200. Please ensure you have your account number to hand as this will help us manage your query efficiently and effectively.

Q    What if I order incorrectly and receive the goods?
A    Should you wish to return a product to us please be aware we accept non-faulty products as returns only at our discretion and can only accept the return of products which are suitable for re-sale. You must notify us within 72 hours and the product must be returned to Synseal within 1 calendar month from date of the original delivery. There will be a return handling charge of 15% of the order value applied to your account. This is to cover the cost of administration, collection and the returning of the product back to stock. The Company also reserves the right to levy a charge for labour costs incurred in cleaning and or repackaging returned products.

Q    Am I able to view my account history?
A    To view your order history, select the Track Your Order option on the toolbar in the web store. This will present an option to view your order/billing history.
Your order/billing history will provide a history of all orders placed to this account and the value of each order. The history of orders placed will gather over time throughout use of the account.
The history view will only show the history of orders placed on the online web store. Orders received directly to synseal and placed by our Sales Order Processing Team cannot be viewed from here.


Q    How do I add or change a delivery address on my account?
A    To add or change a delivery address on your online account please forward the address details by email to

Q    When can I expect my order to be shipped?
A    Please refer to the shipping policy.

Q    Are there any delivery charges?
A    Please refer to the shipping policy.


Q    Am I able to view my account payment history?
A    Currently you are unable to view your payment history online. You can request a payment history statement from our dedicated Credit Management Team by contacting 01623 443200.

Q    Can I pay for my orders by card?
A    You are able to pay by card whilst placing an order.

For payment of orders previously placed please call our dedicated Credit Management Team on 01623 443200.